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Eco seaweed concentrated soluble powder. Makes 200 litres of seaweed solution. Certified organic.
eco-cweed is a registered organic powdered seaweed concentrate. It is harvested sustainably from the pristine oceans of Nova Scotia and is one the world's leading seaweed products. University trials have proven eco-cweed increases plant growth, flowering and fruiting. It also enhances root development, improves disease resistance and reduces plant stress. Best of all eco-cweed is 100% soluble so 100% of the benefits can be used immediately by your plants.

*Promotes better health and vigour in all plants
*Increases disease resistance
*Reduces transplant shock
*Harvested sustainably
*100% soluble
*Registered organic
*Light weight concentrated formula (100gm makes 200 litres!)

How to Use eco-cweed
eco-cweed is dissolved in water and applied either as a foliar spray or watered into the soil around your plants. Apply at a rate of 5gm per 10 litres of water (or 0.5gm per litre). The spoon enclosed holds 1gm so 5 level spoons will fill a 10 litre watering can.

Apply eco-cweed every 2-4 weeks to plants and lawns. Newly planted plants should be watered in with eco-cweed to reduce transplant shock. You can even presoak seeds in eco-cweed to improve germination rates.

Always replace the lid firmly to keep the eco-cweed dry and prevent it from absorbing moisture from the air.

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