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"no frills" delivery service
Delivery is usually to the side of the front driveway, garage or gate.
Traffic conditions and responding to live orders from the web site means we cannot provide a reliable day or time of delivery.
The driver cannot send text messages while he is working. 

Orders on our secure web site are usually delivered within a week. You can add a note about a special day for delivery, and describe a spot you would like the product unloaded to. While we cannot guarantee we can follow this exactly, we will do our very best. 
If you are interested in a premium delivery, including spreading the product, carting it to the back yard, or mixing it in with a rotary, please call for quotes. 

Gavin Davis 0428 352 026

Soil Solver Pty Ltd  ABN 55 600 030 975   Contact Joy Ross on 0427 351 473 or email: