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Turn sand into soil
soil improvements after adding Soil Solver

A year later, the top hand shows the result without any Soil Solver Clay Plus added and the lower hand demonstrates how Soil Solver Clay Plus protects and holds humus for longer in the soil.

Soil Solver is a premium fully mineralised product for professional landscapers and home gardeners to improve sandy conditions. It transforms sand into a rich and productive loam soil.

  • permanent good results
  • cures water repellence
  • no need to remove existing sand 
  • saves carting and dumping fees
  • full of beneficial minerals
  • grows mineral rich vegetables
  • healthier plants with larger blooms
  • boosts the number and variety of soil organisms
  • holds onto water and nutrients for longer
  • buffers and balances soil pH
  • stable clay that has low swell and shrink
  • lab tested to international standards ISO 14688-1:2012 
  • free of heavy metals or harmful salts
  • smooth and easy to use product

How to turn sand into soil

You only need to add Soil Solver once,  it is a permanent cure for dry and water repellent sand. The best soil for lawns and gardens is a mineral rich loam soil, made of kaolin clay, silt, sand and humus. Sandy ground repels water and does not hold onto moisture, nutrients and a lot of the valuable humus also washes away in winter rains. Soil Solver Clay Plus improves sand by adding not only kaolin clay and silt but it includes an ancient and valuable carbon humus content, and a unique scientifically tested balance of natural minerals - all of which guarantee an immediate great result. 

Soil Solver Clay plus comes with an Accredited laboratory test result and unique scientifically formulated content of natural minerals. It includes the entire suite of secondary and trace elements & minerals that plants need to grow to their optimum. It is blended, treated and aged for over a year to ensure that every bag contains the same essential ingredients, and is ready to release minerals to plants. The result not only holds onto more water, the beneficial minerals boost the numbers and variety of soil organisms which improves the overall health and vitality of your garden plants. It is a permanent improvement to the texture of soil, and in future you only need to add soil food, and protect the soil life by covering it with mulch.

Can I use other clays to improve sand?

You will not get such a good result.  Many clay soils include harmful minerals, like sodium salt, which can really set your garden backwards! Bentonite clays are unstable in soil because they swell a great deal when they get wet, and shrink when they get dry. Soil Solver is a stable product, friable and easy to use and includes the entire spectrum of secondary and trace elements needed to keep plants in tip top health. The natural minerals attached to the clay lattice are immediately available to plants. They are sourced from 7 different sites in Western Australia and blended to a unique formula that improves soil and plant health.

Compare clay products carefully by looking at a test report from an accredited lab (using ISO 14688 standards) to ensure the product is safe to use for growing edible plants and contains at least 80% clay, silt and useful minerals. Other suppliers may make claims of a high clay percentage, or mineral content, but are not using accredited laboratories. Suppliers can make claims of 'up to' 80% clay content which might mean that you might get a bag with mostly sand in it!!! The more sand is in a soil material, the more that you need to add to achieve a 5% clay content. For example, a 10kg bag of soil product described as 'clay' could be be 8 kgs of sand and only contain 2 kgs of clay.  On the short term, a little bit of clay will help and be a cure for water repellency - but in a year or two it will be water repellant again and you will need to add more. Cheap copy cat products are not a cost saving in the long run.
(Download the Soil Solver lab test result here) 

Soil texture descriptions

The permanent solution for sandy ground

Adding clay minerals is only part of the story, you also need to feed the soil with organic matter. The best part of adding Soil Solver clay minerals is it helps hold the valuable humus in the soil so it becomes naturally darker and richer as time goes on.The more Soil Solver minerals you add, the more fertile the soil is. If the garden is on a new build site with 'fill sand' in it, also add some worm castings or microbial boosters to help kick start the soil life. You can choose to add a little bit of Clay Plus and Mature Compost each year, or bite the bullet and add it all at once - there is no upper limit with how much you can add. (We  advise against using a spent mushroom compost, because of the chemicals added to it as part of the preparation to grown mushrooms)

After treatment with Soil Solver products, the soil continues to improve each year as it holds onto increasing amounts of dark humus from aged organic matter.

Is it better than removing sand and filling the bed with a 'garden mix'?

Yes - you get a superior and permanent result making your own mineral soil blend using Soil Solver products.
A commercial soil mix is usually made of compost and organic matter mixed with sand which - without any clay in it - will only last for a year or two. It often contains sawdust or other cheap fillers, which quickly breaks down leaving just water repellent sand behind. If you buy a mix containing spent mushroom compost and sawdust you can struggle to grow healthy plants, and this is often the reason for many failures with growing tomatoes!


Professional Landscapers and Turf Professionals choose Soil Solver products

The Soil Solver method of sand conversion is used by many professional landscapers, the superior results combined with the cost efficiencies of avoiding removing sand and the fees to dump it make it a sensible choice. The premium ingredients create a soil packed with mineral rich clay, silts and humus which creates a water and nutrient retaining soil that will grow a lush, healthy garden for long into the future. Installing and renovating turf has been succesfully undertaken on premium tennis courts and sports grounds by professional greenkeepers for reduced use of water, fertiliser and a healthier growing turf that is untroubled by pests and diseases - and no need to use wetting agents in the future.

You can convert an entire area in one go, or add a little every time you plant a seedling, or a tree, and of course you can add it around existing plants too. Every plant deserves a water retentive and fully mineralised soil!

How much does it cost?

It starts at 80cents per kg and can be just a few dollars per plant. Remember that it is a permanent amendment that will pay for itself every year long into the future. A healthier mineral rich soil makes gardening easier and more productive, because healthy plants shrug off pests and diseases. Soil Solver Clay Plus is stocked in most independent nurseries and landscape supply yards, many offer competitive prices for bulk purchases. Or you can take advantage of home delivery services from our online store. 

What is it made from?

Clay Plus is a unique blend of natural kaolin clay, and mineral rich rock dust and silts sourced from all over Western Australia, which is aged for over a year. It is blended to a unique formula to permanently improve and re-mineralise sandy ground. The mineral content is a carefully balanced formula which is regularly laboratory tested so that each batch is consistent for reliable good results with every bag. 

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How much do I add?

The recommended base rate of 10kgs with 10 litres of mature compost per sqm should achieve a permanent cure for water repellency in most sands, ideal for water loving European plants like lawns and flower beds, but you might like to add more for a productive vegie bed. Native and drought hardy plants establish better given at least four or five handfuls of Clay Plus mixed into the sand around the planting hole, but do not add any compost to native plants sensitive to phosphates. Every time you add a plant make sure you give it a good start with Soil Solver Clay Plus and mature compost - you will be amazed at the difference it makes. 
You can read more information on agricultural sites about how much to use - click here

Why do other products recommend lower amounts?

Because some clay types clump together and create water barriers, farmers use bentonite clay to line dams. Over 30 years of trials show that at least 5% clay is needed to permanently cure water repellency in sand, which with Soil Solver is  equal to 7.5kgs per sqm of clay in the top 10cm. (A product with less clay in it would require more than that) Swelling bentonite clays are very plastic and sticky, and create water barriers if added at these rates and do not achieve a permanent cure for water repellency. 

Trevor Cochrane (Garden Guru's TV ) trialled several clay products in his own garden, and found that the best results were from Soil Solver's Clay Plus. Even years later, that particular area still performs much better. Watch in the clip below. 

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A water retentive mineralised loam soil is an ideal foundation for a garden

Healthier lawns and gardens
The foundation for a garden is as important as the foundations of your house, and the quality of the soil makes the difference between a garden that is easy to care for and one that is constantly struggling, especially in the hot dry conditions of summer. You can save on costs, and create a superior loam soil by converting your existing sand using Soil Solver mineralised clay and mature compost products. Within a few years you will have saved money on wetting agents and fertilisers - as well as helping the environment by reducing leaching and water use.

How does it work? 
A fertile loam soil contains sand, kaolin clay and silt as well as organic matter. In sandy conditions compost and manures quickly disappear, leaving water repellent dry sand behind. You need to keep adding more and more, and then use wetting agents to fix the problems the sandy conditions cause. Soil Solver Clay Plus is a condensed loam with a balanced formula of natural rock minerals. Blending this into the sand creates a soil that holds onto more organic matter, nutrients and water and boosts the number and variety of soil organisms. It is a sturdy and fertile foundation for your garden, resulting in an easier garden to care for in the generations to come. It is a completely natural and easy way to create the very best fully mineralised soil, and at a price you can afford. Remember, it is a permanent improvement.

Clay Plus not only creates an ideal texture for the soil, it also corrects and balances the severe mineral deficiencies in WA sands, providing all the essential trace elements needed for sturdy and healthy plants. This means they are better able to shrug off pests and diseases and will thrive even in hot summer weather. By blending Clay Plus into your sand, you will know exactly what your soil contains and be confident that you will have the best possible result - permanently.

There is no need to remove existing sand from the garden, and even 'yellow sand' is a good start for a garden. Blending in Clay Plus and mature compost to existing sand transforms it into a natural and fertile, fully mineralised loam soil. It is the only permanent way of improving and mineralising dry sandy ground so that it holds onto more water and nutrients. It provides a natural, organic and earth friendly eco system for soil organisms and plants, which is good for you and for the environment. Feeding the resulting soil with a mature compost provides a wide variety of microorganisms and food for the soil, Soil Solver Compost Plus provides more than four times the goodness of an ordinary compost because it is composted for longer and does not contain any sawdust. 

How much to use?
There is a benefit from anything over 3kg per sqm. Professional landscapers use between 10 to 15 kgs per sqm of Soil Solver Clay Plus for lawns and gardens, with a lower rate of 7.5kgs per sqm for native plants and adding more for a vegie patch or rose bed. Kaolin clay has been shown in independent trials at the University of WA to be the best for curing water repellency and field trials have shown that a 5% clay content can achieve a permanent cure (10kgs of Clay Plus). You can add more and further improve the performance of your soil. Click to read the West Australian Dept of Agriculture advice on soil improvement. Download our Fact Sheet here...

You can buy Soil Solver's clays, compost and rock mineral products at your local independent nurseries such as Waldecks and Dawsons. Prices start at a low 80c per kg for bulk product on our WEB SHOP with free delivery as far as Mandurah.

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